I am a natural light wedding photographer based out of Central Pennsylvania and there are so many things in life that make me happy--Here are just a few:

[ONE]: I have a pup named Finnegan (Finn, Finnmeister, Finnyman, Finny, etc.) and I think he's the cutest thing on the whole planet.  I got him from a prison--best choice ever. If you have a dog, we should have a pup playdate. I also think we’ll be instant friends. Win-win!

[TWO]: I LOVE miniature things.  I don't know what it is about them, but seriously...I love & collect all things miniature.

[THREE]: My favorite things to watch on Netflix are British Crime series (Luther, Broadchurch, Sherlock). I also feel like in another life, I was probably a British person.  

[FOUR]: Although I love a good green smoothie or some roasted broccoli, coffee/sangria/pizza/+ french fries are my vices.  Give me all of those things + a nice deck to sit on with a roaring fire pit and you've got my ideal evening! 

[FIVE]: I am in love with being a wedding photographer because it gives me the opportunity to capture the biggest + smallest parts of the MOST important day in your life!  It's a pretty cool thing, don't you think?

Now you know a little bit about me.  Reach out and tell me some more about you!  I'd love for us to meet (while drinking coffee or sangria, of course).