So then, it's Thursday!  

Tonight I met up with one of my best friends, Erika.  Over the last few months, she has been living out her dream as a personal trainer and I couldn't be more proud of her!  This girl is seriously one of the most resilient & determined people I have ever met.  When she wants something, she works & hustles until she achieves it.  So often, people don't pursue their dreams because they are scared of failure.  That's not Erika...and she's awesome for that.

Erika has started up a new Instagram page for others to follow her fitness journey [CHECK IT ----> @v3_sallavanti] and we took headshots tonight for that exact purpose!  We had a lot of fun wandering around my apartment complex and taking photos.  I had to play the game "Who would you rather see naked?" in order to get her to loosen up for some of our "fun" photos, but worked!  

Til next time,