Just like that, ONE YEAR DOWN!

I became a photographer one year ago.

"A year?  Has it already been that long?"

Oh yes, my friend, it has.  A year ago, I bought a camera and literally threw myself into this business that I knew absolutely nothing about.  Despite my lack of knowledge, I had created a website, made a photography Instagram, and had headshots taken, all within a WEEK.  I kept telling myself, "Go big or go home," when in reality, it was my overly active brain forcing me to give all my time and energy into a new hobby that I wanted to try.  In all honesty, I wasn't sure that I'd fully commit if I didn't go all in.  Either that, or people wouldn't take me seriously so I'd lose interest.

Little did I know, this hobby would turn into a passion.

Quickly, I realized that photography was something I needed in my life, and that if I wanted to be good at it, I needed to put in a lot of time to make it happen.  I wanted to know anything and everything I could about photography.  I spent hours participating in webinars and photography courses.  I followed anyone and everyone I could on social media who had anything to do with photography, so that I could learn their style and develop my own from it.  I asked questions: SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. I made photographer friends who inspired me to push myself and my creativity [I'm looking at you, Ashley Kemmer!].  

Now, here I am, filled with gratitude + joy.

One year later, and I am so thankful for every experience I have had in this incredible industry. While at times it has been more frustrating than encouraging, I have learned to have patience and have faith in myself.  Through this adventure, I have met so many new people and traveled to new places.  I cannot wait to see where this next year takes me! 


PS.  Enjoy this cute picture of my pup, because I also got him a year ago and I love him to pieces.