Dear Brides: Planning Your Honeymoon!

First, I just want to take a second to pat myself on the back for the fact that this is my SECOND blog post in a week.  Let's not get our hopes up that this magic will continue, though.  I know myself too well!


In my last blog post, I shared some insights in regards to choosing the perfect wedding venue [if you missed it, get back there and read it!] from the perspective of one of my amazing brides, Crystal!  Today, I'm taking you in a different direction--honeymoons!  Ah, yes--Once all of the wedding chaos is said and done, you're left with all of the goodness that is your first ever trip as newlyweds.  

Depending on the couple, honeymoons can look very different; An all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean, a quaint cabin in the mountains, or maybe a road trip across the country.  No matter which honeymoon is most appealing, a lot of thought needs to go into the planning process, from destination to affordability! 

Today, I'm going to share the experience Kalene, one of my June brides this year!  Kalene and her husband, James, went to none other than Portugal for their honeymoon!  Here's her experience with planning that incredible trip!

"We had never been to Portugal before! We chose it as our honeymoon destination because we were looking for something a little different/out-of-the-ordinary for our first trip as a married couple. While we love the beach life, we were excited to explore history, culture, and food in an area of the World where neither of us had been before. 

"we were looking for something a little different/out- of-the-ordinary for our first trip as a married couple."

We used the "Hopper" app to find the best price for our flight and feel like we got a steal! Once we had the dates of the flights/arrivals, we then set about researching the most affordable lodging options - we were booking on a budget and found that AirBnB offered really fantastic locations with amenities we were hoping for.

We knew we wanted to spend time in Lisbon, and chose an apartment situated in the heart of the main historical and shopping attractions in the capitol city. We were able to find a quaint place that even had a kitchen (excellent for drinks, dinners, and reheating leftovers) and one that also featured a washing machine so we didn't have to pack as much/travel lighter.

Our next destination in the country was an area much less traveled by tourists; however, with some reading on Trip Advisor chats/message boards we found the bus route that could affordably get us from one city to the next and purchased those tickets in-advance online. AirBnB unfortunately did not offer fantastic options to stay at this tiny town, so we booked on a small bed and breakast that suited our needs. We loved saving money on the first meal of the day by having it included in our lodging price.

"We loved it and would do it all over again."

We did not book any excursions ahead of time and used WiFi while abroad to research the best places to see and eat! It was an adventure to say the least, but we loved it and would do it all over again."


Thank you so much, Kalene, for sharing your insights with us!  Brides: What resources have you used when planning your honeymoon?!